Luna Park


LUNA PARK was founded in 2002 by the choreographer Kosmas Kosmopoulos as a non profit cultural organization in Athens/ Greece, where it is still based. It cooperates very closely with the non profit cultural association "Initiative LUNA PARK e.V." in Berlin/ Germany.

The aim of LUNA PARK is to support, advance and communicate art projects and activities across Europe. It refers to groups of performing and visual artists coming from different national and cultural backgrounds, thus, a certain number of its pursuits are designed for and realized in association with social and educational institutions.

In a number of projects, developed and produced in Athens and Berlin, LUNA PARK's professional standards of artistic practice and research have also been apparent in the organization, supervision and function of the workshops associated to its projects.

LUNA PARK is directed by the visual artist Dr. Georgia Touliatou and the composer Antonios Palaskas (best known as Anthony P). Works of LUNA PARK have been presented in Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, South Africa and North Macedonia.


CAPTURE & discard trailer


Georgia Touliatou

Video artist, painter, curator

Anthony Palaskas

Music composer

Kosmas Kosmopoulos

Choreographer, dance teacher, cultural manager