04.06.2016: Municipal Theater of Kalamaria "Melina Mercouri", Thessaloniki/ Greece
07.06.2016: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens/ Greece

In WE ´LL SEE the main topic of research is human perception; what determines it, which social and individual prejudices it follows and, last but no least, how the common patterns of perception in everyday life are permanently deformed and abused by those who want to enforce certain codes of behaviour. What hides behind the images that flood our eyes everyday? We want to take a look at their essence. In WE ´LL SEE we dare an experiment with our own expectations and wishes.

Concept, choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos
Dramaturgy: Gm Touliatou
Technical assistant: Anthony Palaskas
Photos: Dominique Piccinato, Kai Pichmann, Giorgos Sandalos

Performers: Maria Kandylaki, Konstantinos Spyrou and Kosmas Kosmopoulos.

Production: LUNA PARK (2016) in co-operation with the Weinmeisterhaus e.V. / Berlin
With the support of the Gesundbrunnen-Grundschule, Berlin and 14. Day Art Dance Studio, Athens

Duration: 40'