Tanz mit mir!

_The dance education project "Tanz mit mir!" is initiated and organized since 2010 by the Weinmeisterhaus e.V. in cooperation with the Gesundbrunnen-Elementary-School in Berlin. It is supported by "Ich kann was"-Initiative endowed with financial resources of the Deutsche Telekom. The project was conceived in cooperation with LUNA PARK and it is directed by the choreografer Kosmas Kosmopoulos and the music composer Anthony Palaskas. A group of a total 250 children of the Gesundbrunnen-Elementary-School in Berlin-Wedding participates in this dance project.

Public presentations/ performances of "Tanz mit mir!":
_30. August 2014 (12:15): The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in Berlin as part of the Open Day of the Federal Government of Germany, Glinkastraße 24, 10117 Berlin

_01 September 2014 (12:00): Representative Office of the Deutsche Telekom in Berlin as part of the welcome event for new trainees, Französische Straße 33, 10117 Berlin