Lessen to the fourth

17.-18.10.2015 and 31.10. - 01.11.2015: 14. Day Art Dance Studio, Athens/ Greece
26.-27.12.2015 and 29.12.2015: 14. Day Art Dance Studio, Athens/ Greece
25.10.2015: Studio "Oxo Nou", Chania-Crete/ Greece
22.-24.01.2016: Uferstudios, Berlin/ Germany
23.10.2016: 5th Greek Contemporary Dance Platform 2016 organised by the Greek Choreographers' Association at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall / Nikos Skalkotas Hall

LUNA PARK presents, in cooperation with Weinmeisterhaus e.V., the performance "Lessen to the fourth", which was created in 2015 with young Greek dancers in Athens. The performance articulates, often in an ironic mode, a critique towards certain, essential and yet trivial concepts such as, the homeland, the religion and the family in a period of an economical and social crisis . The work's style is minimalist, tracing the dynamics derived by the individual. Hence, the key element of the choreography is to stretch the temporal value in order to cast emphasis upon those details that constitute the cocoon of a genuine dance form.

Concept, choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos
Curator: Gm Touliatou
Original live music: Anthony Palaskas
Light design: Giorgos Agiannitis (Athens) & Vìctor Fernàndez De Tejada Pequeño (Berlin)
Costumes: Damian Makris
Production Assistant: Marianiki Pagoni and Kai Pichmann

Performers: Stella Dimitrakopoulou (Apostolia Ntagka), Maria Kandylaki, Marina Piniatorou, Nikolaos Raptis (Danai Dimitropoulou) and Konstantin Spyrou.

Production: LUNA PARK (2015) in co-operation with the Weinmeisterhaus e.V. / Berlin
With the support of the Gesundbrunnen-Grundschule, Berlin and 14. Day Art Dance Studio, Athens
Duration: 55 minutes

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Duration: 55'