Kunterbunt tanzt kunterbunt

_The dance education project "Kunterbunt tanzt kunterbunt" is initiated and organized since 2013 by the Weinmeisterhaus e.V. in cooperation with the Kindergarten-Kunterbunt, the Gesundbrunnen-Elementary-School and the WeTeK gGmbH in Berlin. It is supported by "ChanceTanz" endowed with financial resources of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
The project is conceived in cooperation with LUNA PARK and it is directed by the choreografer, Kosmas Kosmopoulos. A group of a total 20 children of the Kita-Kunterbunt and 80 first graders of the Gesundbrunnen-Elementary-School in Berlin-Wedding participates in this dance project.

Public presentation "Kunterbunt tanzt kunterbunt":
19.06.2014 (15:00): Assembly Hall of the Gesundbrunnen-Grundschule in Berlin-Wedding.

Web site: www.facebook.com/tanztkunterbunt

photos: Giovanni Lo Curto