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04-05 10.2012: Studio "Kinitiras", Athens
12-14.04.2013: Studio "Oxo Nou", Chania/ Crete
03.07.2013: "Ekfrasi Athina", a dance- theater festival of the Municipality of Athens
20.07.2013: "DANCE FEST akropoditi 2013", Syros, Greece
29.07.2014: "CLUSTERS a forward movement for the arts", Artiria, Lefkada, Greece

"Detachment" shows people with specific specialties, which are associated with different socio-economic roles or positions in their attempt to free themselves from the repetitiveness of daily life, while they are trapped in a maze of substitutions. Every of their movement states a balance between a virtual achievement and resignation.

A performance by Kosmas Kosmopoulos in collaboration with Gm Touliatou and Anthony Palaskas

Performers: Christina Gazi, Maria Kandylaki, Evangelia Kimpizi, Maria-Niki Pagoni, Nikos Raptis and Philippos Vassiliou
Text: Fiori-Anastasia Metallinou and Iris
Photos: Gm Touliatou and Iris

Supported by: Higher vocational dance school Despina Grigoriadou, Perfect Massin, Dance Studio MAGMA, and Weinmeisterhaus/ Berlin

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Duration: 50'