10.06.2014: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Main Hall, Athens (premiere) in the frame of the 13th Dance Festival of the Association of Greek Choreographers
14.-15.07.2014: Studio "Oxo Nou", Chania/ Crete
05.09.2014: "Ekfrasi Athina", a dance- theater festival organised by the Municipality of Athens and the Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute

(The) Capture is a dance-performance based on the form of a Research. It follows the stages of a Research, starting gradually from the broad review of its context, continuing with the data gathering, the specification of the research field, the experimentation in identifying modifications-to and impact on, existing knowledge structures / factual frameworks of the research subjects, in our case each one of us.

Five dancers explore their common reality from their own perspectives, creating thereby a case for the audience. It is, in its essence, a work about the concept of one becomes aware of its condition, free from any emotional subjective justifications, not any justifications whatsoever, and it is this exact knowledge s/he ultimate transmits. The audience in this piece set in a position of receiving a kaleidoscopic pattern of information, which potentially adjuncts to a number of different hypotheses.

capture // the act of taking and holding someone as a prisoner or of being taken as a prisoner
capture // the act of getting control of something
capture // the act of putting information in a form that a computer can use or read

Concept, art direction: Kosmas Kosmopoulos
Curator: Gm Touliatou
Original live music: Anthony Palaskas
Costumes: Damian Makris
Production Assistant: Elpida Orfanidou and Kai Pichmann
Photos: Gm Touliatou

Performers: Maria Kandylaki, Evangelia Kimpizi, Eleni Lagkadinou, Marianiki Pagonis and Nikolaos Raptis (Konstantin Spyrou).

Produced by: LUNA PARK (2014) in co-operation with the Weinmeisterhaus e.V. / Berlin Supported by: 14. Art Dance Studio, Cumana, and Iris.

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Duration: 70'