CAPTURE & discard

17.-19 March 2017: UFER_STUDIOS, Berlin.

The concept of „CAPTURE & discard“ derives from the hypothesis of how it will be like (or what will happen) if someone discards from his/her life, from his/her everyday living anything that s/he does not longer really need. And by anything we mean products, scenarios, memories, objects, services, strategies, desires, knowledge, fears, moral principles and so on. It examines the pivotal need that someone may feel to get rid off everything s/he meticulously or foolishly accumulates in an increasing number or quantity, as an unconscious response to protect oneself from his/her own imaginary dangers, or to offer him/her the award of comfort that a highly demanding society does not spare or care to acknowledge him/her with. All of that comes from a motif, which had always struck us: a human figure in a small room, fomenting something.

Hence, the performance launches at the moment where 5 individuals realize that they are emotionally exhausted, nonetheless mentally overloaded by accumulating things; they have lost the meaning of their praxes and behaviours (existential awareness), blurred their sense of their identity (personal awareness), demolished their social truth (political awareness). Those are also the three axes in which „CAPTURE & discard“ develops its structure. In an awkward moment of self-awareness the individuals appear frozen; stand in a chillingly empty minimalist scene. Then, their decision appears as a targeted expressive and revolutionary creative act constantly crossing the boundary between chaos and equilibrium. With such a reverse of attitude they are ready to engage themselves with the new, the possible, the potential. But what do these notions really mean regarding the individuals and the society they belong to? Freeing yourself from the indulgence of retaining things, appears in its broadest sense as a profoundly disruptive force, constituted in the multiform entanglement of practices, discourses, industry agendas, lifestyles and behaviours; thus optimally positioned to offer a stringent critique of how the emergence of complex relationships between human and society tells stories and ultimately makes us think of our position towards our life. By presenting 5 individuals „CAPTURE & discard“ introduces us 5 different options of a revolutionary act, mapping thereby the idea and the practice which will no longer support a social system founded in the rituals of consumption, enveloped in itself the seeds of future practices and future behaviours. The project features a series of dance phrases and episodes based on ideas about social, culture and identity constructions. Identity as a cultural creation and political representation of a self has been heavily manipulated and commercialized, and this is prominently portrayed in the state of our current political facts.

Concept and choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos
Dramaturgy: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Curator: Gm Touliatou
Original live music: Anthony Palaskas
Costumes: Damian Makris
Technical direction and light design: Vìctor Fernàndez De Tejada Pequeño
Production Assistant: Marianiki Pagoni, Kai Pichmann
Photos: Vìctor Fernàndez De Tejada Pequeño
Communication: Anne-Katrin Niemeyer

Performers: Angeliki Anargirou, Maria Kandylaki, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Marlene Naumann, Marina Piniatorou.

Produced by: LUNA PARK and Kosmas Kosmopoulos in cooperation with Weinmeisterhaus e.V. / Berlin With the support of the Gesundbrunnen-Grundschule, Berlin and 14. Art Dance Studio, Athens.

Financially supported by funding scheme „Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil“ within the program „Soziale Stadt / Aktionsfonds QM Badstraße“

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Review in German by Astrid Kaminski

Duration: 65'