Anthony Palaskas

Music composer

Anthony P. (Anthony Palaskas) is a composer of contemporary electronic music. In 2008 he completed his Master (MA) in Computer Music at the National University of Ireland. He released his first four albums as a member of the band “Stereo Nova” and later, as “alfa P”, he released the album “TV Head”. In 1999 Anthony P. and Andriana Touliatou founded the band “Supermarket”. They released three albums until 2004.

He has been composing music for contemporary dance since 2005. He has worked with “Lemurius” dance company (founded by Ioannis Mantafounis), ”Griffon” dance company (founded by Ioanna Portolou), Yiannis Nikolaidis and many others. He has been a member of the ”Luna Park” since 2006. His work has been presented in festivals both in Greece and abroad.
In 2013 he composed the music pieces, “Sonic Landscapes #1” and “Sonic Landscapes #2” with sounds from the magnetosphere and pulsars, respectively. In collaboration with the astrophysicist Fiori Anastasia Metallinou he gave a series of lectures on the topic “Astronomy and Music” at schools, museums and universities in Athens and Thessaloniki.


Anthony P.